Care and cleaning instructions


  •  brush your suit always before and after you use it
  • to refresh body suit from  sweat, spray it with alcohol and water mixture.
       -head: turn the head upside down and open the zipper, if it have it, spread the fur, so inside of the head is easy visible and spray a little. Let it dry.
       -body suit: turn the body suit inside out and hang it up. Spray all the fur surface. Let it dry.
       -feet paws: spray the inside of the feet paws. Let it dry.
  • body suit, feet paws, hand paws and tail can be washed in cold water with delicate detergent. Please remember to remove the padding, if it's possible, and turn body suit inside out.
    Brush the fur after washing and let it dry naturally. Do not use hair dryer, because it will demage the fur.
    Before washing the head, please ask us first, because some of them may need special instructions for cleaning. If the head is not airbrushed, you can use sponge and water with delicate detergent to clean the fur.
  • to clean all the fur from daily dirt, use sponge and water with delicate detergent. Let it dry naturally. Do not use hair dryer.
  • store your suit in the cold, dry place. Please remember to never leave it on the harsh sunlight, it may demage the fur, and melt down the glue in the head. 
    Also, fur colours may fade if the suit is exposed for the sunlight too much (especially airbrushed). Body suit can be hanged on a hanger. We do not recommend storing the fursuit in a container, box or bag
    for a long time, as the fur may demage. For traveling please use hard bag, that will protect the suit from crushing. You can put body and feet paws in the separate foil bags, so rest of the suit will not smell bad.
    Remember to not leave your suit in the hot car and after travel, put it out of the bag.

If you have any questions or concerns about care or clean your fursuit, you can always ask us! Hope you will enjoy wearing it :)