If you decide to order, please be sure to read this first. We will not take any commision if you do not accept our terms of service.


To get a quote or a commission just go to the ->COMMISION/QUOTE FORM<- and fill it up properly. We will not respond to any quotes sended outside this form.


To officialy contact us, please use email. All messages and quotes will be answered once a week. All progress will be visible on our Trello account and Telegram update channel. To contact with current clients we also use Telegram group chat, so we constantly stay in touch. Please do not bother us with tons of messages. Any chance to rush us will not be successful either.


After we accept the commission, we need at least 30%  down payment to start the work. The down payment is non-refundable. We had been tricked in the past, so we really need to be sure, if you want to order a fursuit and not just play with us.  We only accept payment through PayPal. Full payment must be done after suit is ready and we will not shipp it before we get it fully paid. 



Costs of shipping are not included in the price and it will be charged additionally. Nuke Creations has the right to select shipping methods and carriers. We are not responsible for any lost or damage received product.


We can only estimate the completion time and be aware that we will not accept any deadlines. We don't want to rush our work to sacrifice the quality. Making a fursuit is not a factory production line and it depends of many things, so  we really can not tell any strict completion date. What is the purpose to make it quickly and not provide quality? Please understand that, it's not our whimsy...


For the full suit commissions we requied a Duct Tape Dummy. Please be sure to use strong and good quality duct tape. Any poor quality and falling apart DTD will not be accepted. We will also need your head and foot size. Duct tape dummy must be made on painting suit and taped back together. DTD made on clothes or paper towels will not be accepted. For fixing DTD will be charged additional fee.


Nuke Creations provides 2 years warranty for all products. After that, repairs will be charged. Warranty covers only manufacturing defects and demages cosed by normal usage. Any demages cosed by user will be charged. Costs of shipping both ways must be covered by client.

Nuke Creations has full copyrights to the all created suits (characters appearances are not our property and we have no rights to them) and photos presented on this website. Any modifications and self repairs can be done only with our written permission. Please just ask first. After unauthorized modification or repair the suit lose the warranty.

If we totally refuse to continue the work on the suit, all paid money will be refunded in the time of one month.